How to Type to the Fourth Power Symbol

Writing the fourth power symbol involves changing the font style.

The symbol for the fourth power is most often used in science and mathematics when writing exponents or equations. It indicates that the number to the left of the four should be multiplied by itself four times. Including this symbol in a document, presentation or Web page simply requires formatting the font for the number 4 so that it appears as a superscript. The number will then appear smaller and slightly higher up than the rest of the line.

Documents and Presentations

Step 1

Type the number 4. For exponents, the number 4 goes to the right of the base number.

Step 2

Highlight the number 4.

Step 3

Format the font and change it to "superscript." On the "Format" menu, choose "Font" and change the style to "Superscript" by selecting the option from the menu or clicking on the superscript check box.

Web Pages

Step 1

Open your Web page in an HTML editor.

Step 2

Type the HTML superscript tag before and after the number 4. For example, 10 to the fourth power would look like this:



Step 3

Save the Web page file.


When you change the number 4 to a superscript font, you may have to change the font back to “Normal” for the words that follow.