How to Update Garmin GPS Without a Serial Port

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How to Update Garmin GPS Without a Serial Port
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Electronic devices seem to always come with several cords, or require the purchase of additional cords for communicating with computers. Fortunately, some Garmin GPS devices have an advanced method of updating without the need for a USB data cable or serial port.


Step 1

Select the update from the Garmin website that you would like you GPS device to install.

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Step 2

Choose the option that allows you to update via satellite and type in your Garmin GPS device serial number.

Step 3

Wait for the GPS device to tell you your update is complete before turning off you GPS unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Garmin GPS device

  • Device serial number

  • Computer with Internet access


Be close to your computer and in an area where your GPS device can easily acquire satellites.