How to Use Autofill in Word

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Microsoft Word has a couple features that support autofill text. If you reuse text, such as your address, you can use AutoText to automatically insert it in a document anytime you need it. From a name to a boilerplate biography, your AutoText entries can retain the style and formatting you define. AutoCorrect allows you to insert reusable text by typing a keyword or code in your document. Open Word to get started.

Create an AutoText Entry

Step 1

Create and format the text you want to preserve as AutoText. Highlight it to select it.

Step 2

Access the "Quick Parts" menu on the "Insert" tab in the "Text" group, and then click "Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery."

Step 3

Complete the fields on the Create New Building Block dialog. For the "Option," choose "Insert content only" to insert the entry inline with the cursor position; choose "Insert content in its own paragraph" to insert the entry with a line break before and after it; or choose "Insert content in its own page" to insert the entry with a page break before and after it. Click "OK."

Insert AutoText Entry

Step 1

Place the cursor where you want to insert the AutoText.

Step 2

Access the "Insert" tab, click "Quick Parts" and point to AutoText.

Step 3

Click the entry to insert it at the cursor position or right-click the entry and select an available insertion option.

Set Up AutoCorrect

Step 1

Set up AutoCorrect entries to automatically replace a keyword or code with reusable text. Access the "File" menu.

Step 2

Click "Options" and access the "Proofing" tab.

Step 3

Click the "AutoCorrect Options" button.

Step 4

Select "Replace text as you type" along with other desired AutoCorrect options.

Step 5

In the "Replace" field, enter a word or code (e.g., the first three or four letters of your entry) that you will use when creating documents. For example, enter your first name initial with the first three letters of your last name to create a code for your full name.

Step 6

Enter in the "With" field the text that should replace that word or code automatically when you type it (e.g., your full name).

Step 7

Click "Add," "OK," and "OK" again to return to your document.

Step 8

Type your code or word followed by a space to test the AutoCorrect setting.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Word 2003 or higher