How to Create an Internal Document Link in Microsoft Word

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Just as a website needs an address before you can link to it, a Microsoft Word document needs internal addresses before you can add internal links. If you're creating a clickable table of contents, for example, each chapter name needs an address. The addresses you can create within Word documents are called bookmarks. Use bookmarks to help the reader navigate through a document.


Step 1

Open a document or create a new document in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Move your cursor to the spot to which you want to link. If you want to create a table of contents linking to chapter titles, for example, click on the title of the first chapter.

Step 3

Click the "Insert" tab.

Step 4

Click "Bookmark" in the "Links" group.

Step 5

Type a descriptive name for the bookmark, such as "Chapt1." The name cannot include spaces. Click "Add."


Step 6

Move your cursor to the spot at which you want to add a link to the bookmark. Type some text for the bookmark, such as "Jump to Chapter 1." This text can say anything you like.


Step 7

Select the text. Click "Hyperlink" in the "Links" group on the "Insert" tab.


Step 8

Change the "Link to" selection on the left-hand side to "Place in This Document."

Step 9

Click the "+" next to "Bookmarks," if necessary, to expand the selection. Click the name of the bookmark. Click "ScreenTip" if you want to set the text that appears when someone hovers over the link, then type the text into the box that opens. Click "OK" to set the hyperlink and close the dialog box.

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