How to Go Back to the Top of a Page in a Word Document With a Hyperlink

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A bookmark is a type of hyperlink that allows you to reference part of your document.

Although hyperlinks are often used in web pages, they can be used in Word documents as well. For instance, you can use a hyperlink to include an email address or website in part of your document. A bookmark is a type of hyperlink that allows you to reference a certain area of a document. You can use a bookmark to jump to the top of your page from a different part of a Word document.


Step 1

Open the document you want to create a hyperlink for in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Place the cursor at the top of your page where the hyperlink will point. Then select "Insert" and "Bookmark" in the menu ribbon. The "Bookmark" dialog box will open. Name the bookmark and click "Add." The dialog box will close.


Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the page or to the spot where you want to insert the hyperlink. Type in a short phrase, such as "Back to Top," indicating that you will jump to the top of the page by clicking on the text.

Step 4

Select the "Back to Top" text. Then click on "Insert" and "Hyperlink" from the ribbon. The "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box will open.



Step 5

Click the "Bookmark" button on the right. The "Select Place in Document" dialog box will open. Click on the bookmark you named in Step 2. Then click "OK." The bookmark name will appear in the "Address" text field at the bottom of the "Insert Hyperlink" dialog box. Click "OK" to apply your changes.




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