How to Put Headers & Footers on the Sides of a Page

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Headers and footers are normally placed on the top and bottom parts of your Word document. While most writers are contented with placing their headers and footers on these parts of the page, there may be occasions when you will be required to place these at the sides of your page. Some may use these for letterheads or to place additional notes and details at the sides of the page. You can also do the same step while using your Microsoft Word. Here is how you can put your headers and footers at the sides of the page.


Step 1

Click on the Insert tab on your Microsoft Word and click on the "Header" icon. Choose the blank template for your header.

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Step 2

Add the footer for the same page by clicking on the "Footer" icon on the same menu, and choosing the blank template. Your document should now show a designated space for the header and footer at the top and bottom parts of the page respectively.


Step 3

Insert an object to set the appropriate wrapping that will allow you to move your header and footer placement. If you inserted a picture (a photo, clip art, Word Art, etc.), it will be automatically set to "In Line with Text," and you need to change this wrapping style. Click on your created object to display your Word Picture toolbar. Select "Behind Text" if you intend to create a watermark for your header or footer, or "Square" if the object will be used to push the text aside as an artificial margin. You may also use a textbox if you intend to put words or characters on your side header and footer.



Step 4

Drag the inserted object using your mouse to your desired side of the page.

Step 5

Fine-tune the position of the object using Format dialog (Format Picture, Format Text Box, Format AutoShape, etc.) on your Word's Layout tab and click on Advanced. Experiment with the settings until you get your desired effect.




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