How to Change the Spacing Around a Picture in MS Word 2003

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Change the spacing around pictures in Microsoft Word 2003.

When you insert a picture into Microsoft Word 2003, the picture will be placed in line with the text. As is often the case, the document will have a much better look if you create some space around the picture—a feature known as text wrapping. In MS Word 2003, you can specify the picture's distance from surrounding text and the style of text wrapping you want to use.


Step 1

Open a Microsoft Word 2003 document.

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Step 2

Select a picture that you want to change.

Step 3

Click the "Format" menu. Select "Picture."


Step 4

Click the "Layout" tab.

Step 5

Click "Advanced."

Step 6

Select the "Text Wrapping" tab. Select a text wrapping style you want for the picture. This will determine whether you want to wrap text all the way around or just on top and bottom of the image, for instance.



Step 7

Enter values in the "Top, Bottom, Left and Right" fields to specify the distance from text on each side of the picture. Depending on the text wrapping style you've selected, you may only be able to change some of the fields.

Step 8

Click "OK" on the "Advanced" dialog box. Click "OK" to close the "Format Picture" dialog box.

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