How to Add a Page to a Pre-Existing Adobe Reader Document

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Adobe introduced the PDF (Portable Document Format) as a way to seamlessly exchange documents between different computers, platforms and operating systems. Since then, PDF has become the de facto standard for many government and business documents. Using PDF editing software, it's easy to add a page to a pre-existing Adobe Reader document.


Step 1

Obtain PDF editing software. Adobe Reader allows you to browse, share and bookmark PDFs, but not to edit them. To do that, you need either the full version of Adobe Acrobat Professional or a software package that allows you to edit and save PDFs.

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Step 2

Open the pre-existing PDF where you want to add the page in your editing program. In Adobe Acrobat Professional, for example, this is done by going to "File," then "Open."


Step 3

Browse to the file that you want to edit in the dialog box that opens up. The document will open in your program.

Step 4

Use the forward and backward page functions to navigate through the document to where you want to add the new page.


Step 5

Select "Insert" from the navigation bar at the top of the program. Another dialog box will open.


Step 6

Navigate to the pdf that you want to insert into your pre-existing Reader document.


Step 7

Click "Select" The document will be inserted at the page you selected.

Step 8

Select "File," then "Save," in order to save your changes to the Adobe Reader document.

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