How to Make a PDF Clickable

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A Portable Document Format or PDF file is one that retains its formatting when being viewed or printed. PDF files are often used in commercial publishing because of this feature. PDFs may contain clickable links or hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are website URLs linked to text in the document. Documents created in a program such as Word have the ability to be saved or published as a PDF file, thereby retaining the clickable links.


Step 1

Create a document in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Copy the URL you wish to insert into the document by highlighting it on your web browser. Press "Ctrl+A", then "Ctrl+C" in the address bar to copy it.

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Step 2

Select text to which you want to attach a hyperlink or URL. Click the "insert" tab on the top of the Word document. Click the "hyperlink" icon. Paste the URL in the address field by clicking "Ctrl+V". Click "OK" to proceed.


Step 3

Save the Word document by clicking the disk icon at the top of the screen. Name the file. The Word document can be edited at any time.


Step 4

Publish the file to a PDF format. Click "File" at the top of the screen and select "Save As." Rename the file if you wish. Select the new file type as PDF. Click "Save." The file is now saved as a PDF with clickable links.




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