How to Make Link Icons

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Images can be used as a hyperlink.

A hyperlink is a piece of text or an image that connects to another document or website when clicked. Links make browsing the Internet quicker and more convenient. Without them, users would have to type in the web address of each page they wanted to view. While text-based links are more common, using an image as a link can enhance the user's experience and add to the visual aesthetics of your site.


Step 1

Obtain the web address of the image you want to use. It will look similar to this:

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Step 2

Write down the web address of the image exactly as it appears on your screen. If you want to ensure there are no errors, copy and paste the address into a text editor.


Step 3

Confirm the web address of the website or document you will be linking. Visit the website to ensure it is an active, working page. Copy and paste this link into your text editor. For illustrative purposes, we will use this:



Step 4

In your text editor, paste this basic code:

Step 5

Insert the web address into the "a href" tag by replacing the WEBSITE_GOES_HERE text. Paste your image's web address, replacing IMAGE_ADDRESS_HERE.

Step 6

Your finished code should look like this:



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