How to Use an Apostrophe in a URL

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Ensure your web applications' URLs work correctly with percent codes.

Web browsers are not capable of interpreting certain text characters correctly, such as spaces, quotation marks and apostrophes. If you try to include one of these characters in a web address, it will not work correctly. If you absolutely need to have an apostrophe in your website's directory, you can get around this character restriction. You can use a percent code to replace the apostrophe, thus ensuring that your URL will work.


Step 1

Locate the URL in which you want to include an apostrophe.

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Step 2

Place your cursor where an apostrophe should go.

Step 3

Enter "%27" without the quotation marks. This percent code will be read as an apostrophe by all browsers. This will allow you to create directories on your website like "My Family's Photos." Replace the apostrophe with %27 and have a working hyperlink.





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