How to Make a Free URL

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When you access something on the Internet, whether it is an image, website, song or video file, you will notice that it is accessible from a specific website address, visible in your browser's address bar. That address is the URL of the file and it tells you exactly where that file is located on the Internet. The URL consists of a domain name and a file path to a specific file or webpage. If you want to create your own site or upload files to the Internet to share with others, you can create a free URL by registering with a website that offers free web hosting.


Step 1

Create a free website on You will create a "site address" during registration that will become your free URL. After registration, you can begin uploading files and building your website.

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Step 2

Use Google Sites to create your free URL.You can create multiple websites under a single Google account and select a unique address for each one. Use one of Google's layout templates or create your own using the HTML editor.



Step 3

Register for a free website with Bravenet. The user name you create during the sign-up process will be incorporated into your free URL. Bravenet offers 5 GB of storage space for your HTML, text and image files.



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