How to Use Excel for a Questionnaire

By Darrin Koltow

Excel's "Developer" tab is ideal for making questionnaires because this tab has text boxes, check boxes and other controls for accepting user input. You can configure these controls to enter automatically the data that is typed into them into a spreadsheet cell. Once you have several such cells, you can sort, filter and apply other operations you're used to using on your other Excel data. To use Excel to make a questionnaire, insert controls from the program's "Developer" tab on a spreadsheet, then use the "LinkedCell" property for each control to enter input data in a cell you designate automatically.

Step 1

Click the "Developer' tab, and then click the "Insert" command on the "Controls" panel. A gallery of controls for your questionnaire will appear.

Step 2

Click the "Text box" button, whose icon looks like a rectangle with text. Drag on the current spreadsheet to grow the text box.

Step 3

Right-click the text box, then click "Properties." Excel will display a window showing modifiable attributes of the text box control. Type"J5" in the "LinkedCell" rows of the "Properties" window. Excel will use this cell reference to insert questionnaire data entered into the text box control.

Step 4

Use the instructions from the Step 2 and Step 3 to create another text box below the first one. However, type "K5" for the "LinkedCell" reference this time.

Step 5

Use the instructions from Step 1 through Step 4 to insert a check box control below the second text box. This control looks like a small square. Type "L5" for the LinkedCell reference.

Step 6

Type the following labels in the cells to the left of your three controls: "First name," "Last name," and a sample yes or no question, such as "Check here if you think insects should be given equal rights."

Step 7

Click in cell "J4," and then type the following column labels. Press the "Tab" key in place of the commas:"First name," "Last name," "Question."

Step 8

Run the questionnaire by clicking the "Design mode" button of the "Controls" tab. Type your name in the text boxes, and click the check box control. Notice that Excel automatically populates the columns you typed in the previous step with your answers.