How to View Slow Motion in Windows Media Player

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You probably wouldn't catch Ali's knockout punch against Liston without slow motion.
Image Credit: Peter Brandt/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Muhammad Ali's infamous "phantom punch" knocked out the then-champion Sonny Liston on May 25, 1965. This controversial punch sparked numerous conspiracy theories, because it was just too quick to see. However, at slower speeds, you can clearly see the anchored punch solidly landing on the left side of Liston's jaw. Whether it had enough power to knock out the stoic Liston, who at that point had never before met the canvas, is up to you to decide -- and Windows Media Player 12 gives you the speed control tools you need to make up your own mind.


Adjusting Play Speed

If you're currently viewing the library in Windows Media Player, click the lower right "Switch to Now Playing" button to return to the player. Right-click anywhere in the display, point to "Enhancements" and then click "Play Speed Settings." Click "Slow" to play at half the normal speed. For greater control, deselect "Snap Slider to Common Speeds" and move the slider anywhere between 0 and 1. If you choose a negative value, the video plays in reverse, although usually with poor quality.

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