How to Write Numbers in Photoshop

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Photoshop, the graphics editing software program by Adobe, allows you to create, edit and work with many different types of images and photos. Many reasons exist for why you might want to include numbers in your Photoshop file, such as adding a date to a photograph or placing an identification number on a label or watermark file. Photoshop makes inserting and writing numbers simple.


Step 1

Open the Adobe Photoshop program. Click the "File" menu and select "New." Select the parameters of the new Photoshop file you want to create, such as width and height, or click a default Photoshop size from the "Preset" dropdown menu. Click "OK." Or, click the "File" menu, select "Open" and double click a saved Photoshop file that you want to open.


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Step 2

Click the "Type" tool icon--represented by a capital letter "T"--in the "Tools" palette on the left side of the program. Click anywhere in the Photoshop document to create a new "Type" layer and insert the cursor. On your computer keyboard, type the numbers you want to write in Photoshop.


Step 3

Click the "Window" menu near the top of the Photoshop program. Click "Character" to display the "Character" options to format your numbers.

Step 4

Double click the numbers in the Photoshop document to select and highlight them. In the "Character" window, click the font dropdown menu and select the font in which you want to display your numbers, such as Times New Roman, Verdana or Arabic. Select the font size for the numbers (for example, 18 pt) and select the desired amount of spacing you want between each of the numbers. Select the horizontal or vertical scale options, if desired. Click "Color," select an appropriate color for the numbers and click "OK." Close the "Character" box.



Step 5

Click the "Create Warped Text" icon in the toolbar near the top of Photoshop if you want to style your numbers further. Click the "Style" dropdown menu box and click on a desired style. Slide the "Bend," "Horizontal Distortion" and "Vertical Distortion" bars to the left or right to customize the warped style. Click "OK" in the "Warp Text" box to apply the changes to your numbers.



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