My Toshiba TV Won't Unzoom

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You must have the remote control on hand to fix your zoom problems.

Most newer Toshiba televisions have a zoom option on the remote control, which allows you to adjust not only the aspect ratio but the size of the image on your TV. This is helpful if you are trying to view a specific area of the picture in a larger format. However, if the TV is not returning back to its native settings, you must troubleshoot the issue in order to correct the problem.


Step 1

Power on the TV with the provided remote control. If the TV does not turn on, the remote likely needs replacement batteries (which may be part of the problem with the TV not unzooming).

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Step 2

Press the "Display" button on the remote control. This adjusts the actual size of the image. On the bottom of the screen is a description of the image. Continue pressing the "Display" button until you reach "Normal."


Step 3

Turn off the TV and unplug it from the electrical outlet if the display button option did not work. Leave the Toshiba television off for several minutes. This executes a hard reset, erasing any programming locks that may have been placed on the TV. Plug the TV back in and turn it on.


Step 4

Push the "Menu" button on the remote control if the image still has not corrected itself. Select "Picture," then choose "Restore." Click "Yes" when asked if you are sure you want to perform this action. This resets all the image settings back to the factory settings.




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