Problems With Bushnell Trail Cameras

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Bushnell Trail Camera problems center around either the subject of the images, no images appearing on the digital card or incorrect camera settings. You can usually solve these problems by adjusting the placement of the camera and using the proper camera settings.

Incorrect Subject Matter

The Bushnell Trail Cameras use a heat and motion sensor to trigger the shutter. Wind moving branches can trigger the shutter. Any heat source in the camera's sight line, such as sun reflected off water towards the camera, will also trigger the shutter. These false triggers will cause the camera to take pictures of subjects other than the one you intended to capture.


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No Images on the Card

No images are stored on the card if the camera's battery is drained or if the power switch is off or left in setup mode. If you are taking night pictures and the battery is low, the flash will not work and your pictures will be black with no image of the intended subject.


Problems from Incorrect Camera Settings

Night pictures may appear too dark if the capture number parameter is set higher than one photo or if the interval settings are too short. False triggering of the shutter occurs if the PIR sensitivity level is wrong for the temperature of the environment. Fast-moving subjects will produce images with streaks when using the wrong resolution settings.




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