How to Store Notes on the TI 83 Plus Calculator

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If you need to quickly reference important notes, it can sometimes take too long to look through a book to find the notes you need. Using the TI-83 calculator, you can store a set of notes in the calculator's program function. Under the program function, you can type any notes you want using words. This is particularly helpful for keeping notes such as formulas. It is also handy because the TI-83 calculator is smaller than most books, so it helps you reduce the amount of items you need to carry.


Step 1

Turn on the calculator and press "Program."

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Step 2

Highlight "New" and press the "Enter" key.

Step 3

Name your notes using the keys on the calculator. Press "Enter."


Step 4

Type in your notes with the calculator's keys to save the notes on the calculator.


Step 5

Turn the calculator off.

Step 6

Turn the calculator on. Go to "Programs" and select your notes and press "Enter." Choose "Edit" to view your notes.

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