How to Copy Receipts

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Scanning your receipts will enable you to copy them.

When you are running a business, or are interested in keeping your personal accounts in proper order, it is helpful to make copies of your receipts to store in a file. If any kind of error occurs in your books, you can review the copied receipts in order to sort out the mistake. In order to copy your receipts in a less time-consuming way, you can utilize a scanner, which will allow you to save a copy of your receipts in your computer.


Step 1

Place a receipt with the print side facing down onto an opened scanner.

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Step 2

Close the scanner lid, and press the start button to begin the scan.

Step 3

Look for the new window to appear on your computer screen that will enable you to save your scanned receipts.


Step 4

Type in a name for the image file containing your receipt scan and create an appropriately named and located folder for the receipts.


Step 5

Click "OK" to save the named file. Repeat this process with each receipt you want to have a copy of.



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