How to Convert .PNG to .DST

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Digitizing images is done to create embroidered patterns from a machine.

DST is an image format that embroidery machines use to make images on clothing such as T-shirts, jackets and hats. To transfer an image, it must be digitized and saved into a .dst file. If you have an image that is a .PNG format, which is a common image format type, you will need to change it to .dst for the embroidery machine to read the image and transfer it correctly onto the clothing.


Step 1

Create the image that you want embroidered onto a clothing item. Save it as .png in your image editing software.

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Step 2

Open your Embroidery software and select "file open" from the drop down menu. Find the file you created.

Step 3

Select "save as" and save it as a .dst file.

Things You'll Need

  • Original image

  • Image editing software

  • Embroidery Software


Create your images with the embroidery software to cut out steps.


Creating images in your image editing software might be easier than using the embroidery software.


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