How to Make GIFs on Pixlr

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Make a GIF on Pixlr, a free online image editor, to create an image to use for a website. The GIF format presents two main advantages over the JPEG. It doesn't decrease in quality or "compress" when you save it; and the file size for GIF files are uniformly smaller than JPEGs of similar quality and physical dimensions. Convert an existing image to a GIF or create a new image and save it as a GIF.


Step 1

Load PIxlr in your Web browser and choose the option that best corresponds to your needs. Choose "Create a New Image" to start a new GIF from scratch or select "Open Image from Computer" or "Open Image from URL" to open and convert an existing image.

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Step 2

Use the Pixlr toolbar to make any modifications to the image you need prior to saving it as a GIF. For example, use the "Select" tool to choose the portion of the image you want to keep. Select "Crop" from the "Image" drop-down menu.



Step 3

Select "Save" from the "File" drop-down menu and choose "GIF" from the list of formats. Give your file a name, then click "OK."




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