I Need to Convert JPEG to a Sewing EXP File

Embroidery and sewing software helps designers and clothing makers digitize, edit and quilt custom designs. Sew or .sew is a a file created by the embroidery software Janome. A digital image is uploaded or scanned into the software and used for embroidery designing. Janome cannot convert a JPEG file into a .sew file. Therefore, files with .jpg extension must first be converted into a .bmp (or bitmap) file before converting it into a .sew file.

Step 1

Open MS Paint application. To open Paint, click "Start" located at the bottom left corner on the Windows screen, click "Programs" then "Accessories" and click "Paint."

Step 2

Open the JPEG file via the Paint application. To open the file in Paint, Click "File" and click "Open." Locate the .jpg file and select it.

Step 3

Convert the .jpg file into a .bmp file. To convert the JPEG file, click "File," click "Save As" and click on the drop down menu "Save as type." Select .bmp as a file extension and save the file to a destination folder. Now the image file with an extension .bmp is saved onto your computer.

Step 4

Download and install Digitizer 10000 from the Janome website. It is one of the two embroidery applications the company offers.

Step 5

Launch the installed Digitizer 10000 application.

Step 6

Open the .bmp file into the Digitizer 10000 application. To open the .bmp file, click "File" and click "Open." Locate the file and select it.

Step 7

Covert the .bmp file into a .sew file. Once the.bmp file is opened into the Digitizer application, click on "File" and then "Save As." From the drop down "Save type as" select ".sew" as a file extension and click "Save." Now the image file with the extension ,sew is created and ready for use.