How to Scan Documents on a Copier to Send to a Computer or Email

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Using the "copy" button won't scan the document to your computer.

Many copiers now include additional features such as scanning and faxing. The convenience of having a copier that scans documents to send to your computer makes it easier to email documents to clients or companies. Scanning a document so it saves to your computer isn't difficult once you're familiar with your particular copier's functions. With the press of a button, most copiers quickly scan your documents to save or email later.


Step 1

Turn on the copier and your computer. Check that your copier is connected to your computer before you begin.

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Step 2

Lay the document on the copier with the printed side down on the glass.


Step 3

Press the "Scan" button to begin the scanning process. Follow the on-screen steps on the copier or on your computer for your particular brand of copier.

Step 4

Confirm the scanned image is accurate. If not, reset the document on the copier and scan it again. Otherwise, click "Next" or "OK" to complete the scanning process.



Step 5

Select a destination for your document. Save your document to the computer, giving it a name and location you easily remember, or enter an email address if available.

Step 6

Open your preferred email program and attach the document to an email if the copier cannot send the file directly to your email address. Select a recipient to send the scanned document and click "Send" after composing your message.



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