How to Scan With a Canon MP240

By Jason Artman

The Canon PIXMA MP240 is a multifunction printer that you can use to scan photos or documents and save them as image files on your computer or a memory card. To make the process user-friendly, you can access this function of the printer by pressing a single button on the control panel. Scan a document or photo with your Canon PIXMA MP240 to preserve it digitally, send it to a friend as an email attachment or make enhancements with photo-editing software.

Step 1

Push the "Power" button on the left side of the LED display to turn the PIXMA MP240 on.

Step 2

Lift the plastic document cover on the top side of the PIXMA MP240 to expose the flatbed scanner.

Step 3

Load the document face-down on the glass scanner bed, and slide it toward the back-left corner of the bed until it lines up with the arrow icon.

Step 4

Lower the document cover to close the PIXMA MP240.

Step 5

Push the "Scan" button above the "Stop" button on the right side of the PIXMA MP240 control panel. This scans the document and sends it to the Canon MP Navigator software on your computer, allowing you to crop the image and save it as a file.

Tips & Warnings

  • The PIXMA MP240 can also save a scanned document directly to a memory card. Insert a cart into the card reader. Instead of pushing the "Scan" button on the control panel, hold the button down until the printer begins scanning the document. The printer saves the document on the memory card rather than sending it to the computer. Wait until the "Access" lamp near the memory card slot stops blinking before removing the card.