How to Make a Copy of an X-Ray

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How to Make a Copy of an X-Ray. There are many things home scanners can do and do well. A small shadow can be fixed with a photo editor and red eye can be taken off. An x-ray is not something you want to have extra shadows on, or worse taken away. These are photos that patients want copied perfectly. They don't want copies of copies. The copy must be an exact duplicate of the original. Read on to learn more.


Step 1

Check with medical and dental offices in the area to see what companies they use and who they recommend and don't recommend. Word of mouth for both good and bad reviews is the best way to know what companies are worth investigating on your own.

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Step 2

Ask if they use genuine medical x-ray film to make the duplicates. You want the same if not better quality materials for you duplicate.


Step 3

Check and double check that all operators using the machinery to make the duplicates are certified and registered to use all the equipment in the duplication process. All techs should be trained on the process and the machines.

Step 4

Look into getting your copies made into digital images. This makes sending, receiving and storing images faster, easier, and takes up much less space. A family doctor can send the surgeon and x-ray even before you leave their office.



Step 5

Request a discount if you are planning on having bulk images duplicated. For example if your office is going digital and backups of all patients or clients x-rays are needed, you should get some kind of bulk discount for the hundreds of files you will be sending them.

Step 6

Mail x-rays with all protection and privacy if you are sending them away for duplication. Many mail order places will send you the shipping materials so fewer accidents will tend to occur.



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