The Advantages of a File Management System

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Having a digital file management system has strong business advantages.

As your business moves into an age of digital distribution, you will need to decide whether or not to make the switch from a paper filing system to a digital file management system. While making the change to an entirely computerized filing system may seem intimidating, the stark advantages to having a digital filing system have swayed many into making the transition.


Reduced Cost

Due to the cost of property rental to store documentation, digital filing begins paying for itself as soon as it is implemented. As there is no physical paperwork, the costs of handling and transferring documents back and forth is greatly reduced. This also allows documents that must be stored as paper to be filed in smaller and less expensive locations.


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Going Green

Reducing the carbon footprint of your business can be an important factor in reaching today's green-minded consumer base. It can greatly improve company image, give tax benefits and reduce the cost of supplies. A digital filing system can positively change the entire groundwork for a business, and switching to a "greener" system can give ample advertising opportunities.


Smoother Workflow

Retrieving hard copies of documents filed and stored physically can be a lengthy process that is open to human error, security problems and physical loss. This is not the case with a digital system. Within moments, a document can be accessed at the desk of the individual who needs it. This results in a shorter working period, allowing faster progress and more time for developing projects.


Higher Security

While a traditional paper filing system can be opened and looked at by anyone with access to it, a digital filing system can provide different levels of protection that can keep documents confidential. Using passwords, specified folders for different users, data encryption and audit trails that allow you to keep a record of who has accessed what files and when, a file management system can keep your documents much more secure.


Reliable Archiving

Paper documents and files can be destroyed through over handling, fire damage, flood damage and other natural disasters. Since data can be stored on servers anywhere in the world, you can archive your business documents safely without having to stress over potential property damage. You can also make your archived data portable, using things like detachable hard drives, USB sticks and CDs.




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