The Advantages of Modularization

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Developers often use modularization as a way to simplify their coding. With modularization, the coding process is broken down into various steps instead of having to do one large piece of code at a time. This method provides developers with a number of advantages over other strategies.


One of the advantages of using this strategy is that it breaks everything down into more manageable sections. When creating a large software program, it can be very difficult to stay focused on a single piece of coding. However, if you break it down into individual tasks, the job does not seem nearly as overwhelming. This helps developers stay on task and avoid being overwhelmed by the thought that there is too much to do with a particular project.


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Team Programming

Another advantage of this strategy is that it allows for team programming. Instead of giving a large job to a single programmer, you can split it up into a large team of programmers. Each programmer can be given a specific task to complete as part of the overall program. Then, at the end, all of the various work from the programmers is compiled to create the program. This helps speed up the work and allows for specialization.



Modularization can also improve the quality of a piece of code. When you break everything down into small parts and make each person responsible for a certain section, it can improve the quality of each individual section. When a programmer does not have to worry about the entire program, he can make sure that his individual piece of code is flawless. Then, when all of the parts are combined, fewer errors are likely to be found overall.



Reusing Modules

Modularization allows you to reuse parts of programs that already work. By dividing everything up into modules, you break everything down to the basics. If you already have a piece of code that works well for a particular function, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. You simply use the same code again and let the program rely on it. This can be done repeatedly throughout the program if the same features are needed again and again. This saves programmers time and effort.




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