The iPhone Clicking Sound Is Not Working

Accidentally covering your iPhone's speaker and plugging in your headphones are not the only reasons you cannot hear audible clicks when typing on the device's keyboard. Inadvertently flipping or pressing the iPhone's physical buttons, such as the Ring/Silent switch, can mute the keyboard clicking sound. Furthermore, the settings and features in iOS -- such as the Bluetooth feature -- can also stop you from hearing the keyboard clicking sound from your iPhone's speaker.

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Check the Ring/Silent Switch

If you accidentally turned on the iPhone's Silent mode by flipping the Ring/Silent switch down, rings, audible alerts and keyboard clicks are all muted. An orange stripe appears above the switch when it is in the Silent position. Flip the switch -- located on the side of the device above the volume buttons -- back to the Ring position to re-enable the clicking sound. The orange stripe disappears when the switch is in the Ring position.

Review the Volume Level

Like the Ring/Silent switch, your iPhone's physical volume buttons can also be accidentally pressed while the device is in your pocket or purse. If the volume gets too low from accidental pressing, it may be difficult to hear the clicking sounds. Press the top volume button on the side of the device until the volume is back to normal levels. The volume level is displayed on the screen when you press either volume button.

Adjust the volume through the Control Center.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Another way to check the device's volume level is to open the Control Center which is accessible by swiping a finger up from the bottom of the device's screen. Drag the Volume slider to the left or right to adjust the volume.

Enable Keyboard Clicks

The Sounds section of the Settings menu has the option to manage the keyboard clicking sound. If the option is disabled, maximizing the device's volume has no effect on the clicking sound.

Open the Sounds screen by tapping Sounds.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Open the Settings menu by tapping the Settings app and then tap Sounds to open the Sounds screen.

Tap Keyboard Clicks to enable the clicking sound.
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Scroll to the bottom of the screen and toggle the Keyboard Clicks button to the On position.

Review the Bluetooth Settings

If your iPhone is connected to an applicable Bluetooth device, such as a headset or speaker, it can transmit sound to that device. It is possible that it connected to another Bluetooth-enabled device without your knowledge -- especially if your iPhone was previously paired with the device. Check the Bluetooth section of the Settings menu to see if there is an active connection.

The Bluetooth icon appears in the menu bar.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Open the Settings menu and tap Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth screen. The word Connected appears next to any active Bluetooth connections. Slide the Bluetooth button to the Off position to disconnect the device.

Manage the Bluetooth feature from the Control Center.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Alternatively, remove any Bluetooth connections by opening the Control Center and tapping the Bluetooth icon to disable the feature. The Bluetooth feature is active if the Bluetooth icon is highlighted.

Update iOS

Running the latest version of iOS can eliminate any bugs that may be affecting the keyboard clicking sound. Check the Software Update section of the General screen to determine if there is an update available.

The Software Update page displays the current version of iOS on your iPhone.
credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Select General from the Settings menu to open the General screen and then tap Software Update. If there is an update available, tap Download and Install.

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