How to Mute a Plantronics Headset

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Plantronics is an electronics company that manufactures headsets that are compatible with mobile phones, computers and landlines. The headsets range in size and features, and allow users to communicate wirelessly using wireless technology such as Bluetooth. They are effective in an office environment or location where a user needs to communicate, but still needs the use of his hands. Most Plantronics headsets give users the option to mute their headsets using the volume buttons on the device. Additionally, if your headset comes with the PerSono Suite application, you can mute it from your computer.

Mute Headset via Volume Control

Step 1

Locate the "-" volume button on your Plantronics headset. The location varies depending on the model number, but the volume buttons are usually clearly labeled.

Step 2

Press or push the volume "-" button on your headset until you hear an audible tone. Whether you need to press or push the button depends on your headset model. On some models, the talk button indicator light on the base station also turns a solid red. The headset may also emit three tones while it is muted to indicate its status.

Step 3

Press or push the "-" volume button again to unmute the device.

Mute Headset via the Computer

Step 1

Launch the PerSono Suite application.

Step 2

Click the "Audio Control" tab on the left side of the screen.

Step 3

Select the "Headset" icon at the top of the triangle of device icons. Your Plantronics headset is muted. Muting the headset changes the color of the icon from green to red.

Step 4

Click the headset again to unmute it. The icon's color changes from red to green.

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