How to Mute a Jabra Headset

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Jabra manufactures a line of Bluetooth headsets. These headsets allow you to connect wirelessly to your mobile device. One feature you may not know the Jabra has is the ability to mute. There isn't a standard "Mute" button on the unit so you need to know the process of how to enable the mute feature.


Step 1

Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device according to the user manual.

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Step 2

Press the "Power" button on the Jabra to turn it on. It will enter "Pairing" mode and it will be listed in the available Bluetooth devices menu on your mobile device.


Step 3

Select the Jabra on your mobile device and enter "0000." this is the passcode and the unit will now be paired with the mobile device.


Step 4

Answer or make a call while using the Jabra.


Step 5

Press the "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons simultaneously and you will hear a low beep alert. This signals that the unit is muted. Press either volume button to disable mute.




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