How to Set Up Voice Mail on a Nokia Cell Phone

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Voice mail records brief messages from callers when you are unable to answer your phone. Messages can be retrieved at a later time. Setting up the voice mail on your Nokia cell phone ensures not only that callers able to leave messages, but that you are able to retrieve those messages. Voice mail is provided as a feature by your wireless service provider. Depending on your wireless service provider, the steps may vary slightly.


Step 1

Press and hold the "1" key on your Nokia cell phone. Release the key when the voice mail system is dialed.

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Step 2

Listen to the voice mail system greeting. Enter a password of your choice when prompted. Re-enter the password for confirmation.

Step 3

Record your voice mail greeting. Listen to the playback of the voice mail greeting and press "*" or "1" key to save your personal greeting.


Step 4

Listen for confirmation that your voice mail was successfully set up. Press the "End" key to hang up.




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