How to Check the Voicemail on a Samsung Cell Phone

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Checking your voicemail on a Samsung cell phone can be done from the actual cell phone or from a land line. The Samsung automated voice mailbox system guides cell phone owners through the initial steps of setting up your voice mailbox, and continues to give directions on which keys to press to access messages each time you check your voicemail, making for convenient communication.


Checking Voicemail

Step 1

Cell Phone: Hold down the "1" key for 2 to 3 seconds to speed dial your voicemail. Another option is to manually dial "*86", followed by the send key to access your Samsung automated voicemail system.


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Step 2

Follow the automated instructions. Enter your four-digit password. If this is your first time using the Samsung voicemail system, you will be prompted to choose a four-digit code, which will become your Samsung voicemail password.

Step 3

Cell phone from Landline: Dial your cell phone number to check the voicemail on a Samsung phone from an exterior line. Wait for the automated voicemail system to pick up. Press the pound "#" key after keying in your four-digit password. Press "1" to listen to any unheard voicemails.



Step 4

Listen to the automated options after hearing each voicemail message. Press the "1" key to repeat a voicemail message. Press the "7" key to erase a voicemail message. Press the "9" key to save a voicemail message.




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