How to Find a Deleted Message in Voicemail

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How to Find a Deleted Message in Voicemail. Everyone experiences that stressful moment after accidentally deleting a voicemail message that they may need in the future. There's no need to panic. Retrieving a deleted voicemail message is actually a simple process. Follow the steps below to recover that important message.


Step 1

Stay on the phone. When you realize you need a voicemail message that you just deleted, do not hang up the phone. In most voicemail systems, once you hang up the phone or exit the voicemail system, the voicemail message is erased forever and can never be retrieved again.

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Step 2

Click the *, # or 0 buttons on your phone to return to the main menu. It's important that you remain patient with the process of retrieving your lost voicemail message or you may hit the wrong key and accidentally log yourself off the system.


Step 3

Consider the options on the main menu. There should be an option for checking deleted messages. If there is, hit the corresponding number key. If there is no option to check deleted messages, hit the number to listen to your messages and then listen to the new prompt until you determine which number will lead you to the deleted messages.



Step 4

Listen to your deleted voicemail messages once you have reached the prompt to do so. Only the voicemail messages that you deleted on this calling session will still be available in the deleted messages voicemail file.

Step 5

Tap the number on your keypad that allows you to save the deleted message as an unheard message or undelete the message if your voicemail service provides that feature.



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