How Do I Receive Collect Calls on Metro PCS?

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Answer a collect call on your cell phone.

Metro PCS is a cell phone provider offering service throughout the United States (although not as large of a provider as AT&T and Verizon). While using a wireless cell phone through Metro PCS it is possible to answer a collect call. Collect calls are made from pay phones or other land lines where either long-distance service is not provided, or the individual making the phone call does not have the necessary change to use the pay phone.


Step 1

Answer the phone when it rings. The caller I.D. shows up as either "Private" or "Blocked," so you do not actually see the number of the phone calling you.

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Step 2

Listen to the brief message that is played on the phone. This message states who the collect call is being made by.


Step 3

Press "1" if you want to accept the charges and receive the phone call. The charge is going to vary depending on what collect call service is being made, where the call is made from and how long you talk to the individual (if you do not want to accept the charges disconnect the call at any time).


Step 4

Wait a moment and you are connected to the individual making the collect call to your Metro PCS phone.




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