How to Make a Number Private by Dialing *67

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Dial *67 before dialing a phone number to call privately.

People sometimes feel the necessity to make or return phone calls privately. Any individual can prevent his phone number from being revealed for a single call simply by dialing *67 before dialing the recipient number. This is a cost effective alternative to placing a permanent "block" on your phone number because most telephone companies charge a monthly rate.


Step 1

Pick up the telephone. Listen for the dial tone.

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Step 2

Dial 67, followed by the nine digit number. Dial all together and avoid waiting for a pause between the 67 and dialing. For example, to call 1234567890, dial *671234567890.



Step 3

Click the "Send" button on your phone. The call will go through, appearing as "private number" on the recipient's caller ID.



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