How to Make a Collect Call From Spain to the United States

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How to Make a Collect Call From Spain to the United States. Traveling in a foreign country can make the everyday activities that you perform at home a challenge. For instance, making a collect call from Spain to the Unites States is not as easy as simply calling the operator.

Step 1

Call your local telephone companies, before you head off to Spain, and ask them if they have international access numbers for making collect calls. While not all providers will have them, many will be able to give you a toll-free number which will connect you to a U.S. operator who can assist you in making your call.


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Step 2

Prepare in advance to call U.S. cell phones collect, as most cell phone providers do not allow for collect calls. Others, however, will allow the client to unblock the collect call option, but you need a special access phone number for calling from Spain.

Step 3

Dial to reach an international operator from inside of Spain by dialing 1-005 and then wait for the prompt and push the number which corresponds to "cobro revertido," or collect call. You will be asked to enter the country code for the U.S., which is 001, plus the area code and telephone number. An operator will come on the line to help you with your call, and you can ask how much the call will cost. Often operators speak accented English.



Step 4

Speak directly with an English speaking operator to assist you with your collect call from Spain by dialing (900) 99-0011. This is an international toll free number which will connect you to AT&T in the United States. Simply follow the prompts to make your call or talk to a U.S. operator.



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