How to Make International Calls on a TracFone

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TracFone Wireless allows customers to make long distance calls from their cell phone to more than 60 international destinations at no extra cost. In fact, a TracFone wireless customer can make international calls at the same rate as making a regular call. In a matter of minutes, you can make an international call from your TracFone to someone in another part of the world.


Step 1

Dial the appropriate access number. To use the TracFone International Long Distance Service, dial 800-706-3839 from your active TracFone. If you are in Hawaii, Alaska or the U.S. Virgin Islands, dial 305-938-5673 to use the International Long Distance Service.

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Step 2

Choose your language ("1" for English, "2" for Spanish) and listen to all the instructions.


Step 3

Enter the telephone number you want to reach by dialing "011," the country code, the city code and the telephone number, in that order. For Canada, dial "1," the city code and the telephone number.


Step 4

Wait for your call to be connected. Do not push any additional keys at this time because your call may be disconnected.




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