How to Find My Cricket Number

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Cricket Communications is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless and offers prepaid code division multiple access (CDMA) cellular service in the United States. Cricket plans require no credit check, and plans include unlimited calling and text-messaging. If you are a Cricket Communications customer and you don't know your phone number, you can call Cricket's customer service number to find out your Cricket phone number.


Step 1

Call Cricket Customer Service at 800-922-5159. Alternatively, you can call Customer Service by pressing "611" followed by the "Send" key on your Cricket telephone.

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Step 2

Verify your identity. The customer service representative will ask you a series of questions to verify that you are authorized to receive account information. These questions may include your Social Security number, your address or your account password.



Step 3

Ask the customer service representative for your Cricket phone number. The customer service representative will give you your 10-digit Cricket phone number.



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