How to Check My AT&T Landline Voice Mail

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AT&T is the largest provider of local and long distance home telephone service in the United States. When you receive a voice mail message from someone on your AT&T landline, you need to retrieve that message. Doing so is simply a case of pressing the right buttons on your phone.


Step 1

Pick up your telephone receiver and listen for a dial tone.

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Step 2

Dial *98 on your telephone keypad. If you are not at home and you want to check your AT&T landline voice mail, dial your home telephone number including the area code and press 9 at any point during the voice mail greeting. Listen for a voice on the AT&T service to welcome you to your voice mail.


Step 3

Enter the numerical password you created when you first set up your voice mail service. Enter the password on your telephone keypad. If you forget your password, call the AT&T Customer Service phone number found at the top of your phone bill and request that your password be reset so that you may access your voice mail.


Step 4

Listen for your voice mail messages to automatically start playing.



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