How to Block an Incoming Phone Number on an AT&T Landline

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Block an incoming phone number on an AT&T landline.

AT&T's call blocking service allows users to block up to six incoming phone numbers from ringing on a landline. When a phone number is blocked and someone from that number calls your AT&T landline, he receives a message that you are not accepting the call. You may block an incoming phone number on an AT&T landline by following a few specific steps.


Step 1

Pick up the receiver on your AT&T landline phone and listen for a dial tone. Press *60 and press #. Wait for another dial tone.

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Step 2

Dial the first number, including the area code, that you wish to block on your AT&T landline. Press #.


Step 3

Listen for another dial tone, dial the second number that you wish to block then press #. Repeat this step to block up to six numbers.


Step 4

Hang up your phone. The phone numbers you entered are blocked.



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