How to Access Rogers Voicemail

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Rogers is a telecommunications company that offers wireless and land-line phone services. When you purchase a mobile phone or activate a land-line service through Rogers, you receive access to voicemail that forwards all of your missed calls to another number, known as the Voicemail Access Number. You can access these recorded messages by dialing a code from your phone or anther phone.

From Rogers Phone

Step 1

Dial "*98" from your Rogers phone.

Step 2

Enter your password, followed by "#."

Step 3

Wait for your message to be retrieved. Press "11" to listen to your new messages.

From Another Phone

Step 1

Dial your voicemail number from another phone. Press the "#" button once your greeting starts to play.

Step 2

Enter your Rogers phone number followed by "#."

Step 3

Enter your password when prompted.

Step 4

Wait for your messages to be retrieved. Press "11" to access your new messages.