How to Check the Voice Mail on Boost Mobile

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Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider that does not require a contract. Depending on your Boost Mobile phone, you will usually have options such as text messaging, call waiting and voice mail. Boost Mobile allows you to check your voice mail directly from your cell phone or, if you do not want to use your prepaid minutes, you may check your voice mail from another phone.

Check Voice Mail from another Phone

Step 1

Call your Boost Mobile cell phone number from another phone.

Step 2

Press the star key, on the phone's keypad, once you hear your voice mail greeting begin to play. The voice mail will stop and you will be directed to your mailbox.

Step 3

Type in your password and press the pound key when directed to do so. You will be able to listen to your new and saved voice mails.

Check Voice Mail from Your Boost Mobile Phone

Step 1

Turn on your Boost Mobile phone.

Step 2

Press and hold down the "1" key on your cell phone's keypad to be directed to your mailbox.

Step 3

Enter your voice mail password when directed to do so (if you have a password set up).

Step 4

Press "1" to play your voice mail messages.