How to Access Fido Voice Mail

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Fido Solutions is a cellular telephone provider based in Canada. Voice mail is not included with Fido accounts, but you can add it to your service for a monthly fee. If you use Fido and your package includes voice mail, it is easily accessible from any phone.


Step 1

Dial "1" on your Fido handset to access your voice mail.


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Step 2

Enter your personal identification number. If you are a new customer, your default PIN is the last four digits of your Fido telephone number.


Step 3

Listen to your voice mail. You can delete a message by pressing "7" on your keypad. Press "9" to save a message.


Step 4

Check your Fido voice mail from any other phone by dialing your local Fido access number and entering your PIN. The access number varies depending on what region you're in and when you activated your Fido phone.