How to Call a VoIP Number

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Many individuals are now turning to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service to make telephone calls. The VOIP service providers allows calls to be placed over a high-speed Internet connection to other users. If you have the VOIP telephone number for a person, you can call him from a regular telephone. However, if the VOIP user does not have a telephone number, you will have to take extra steps to communicate with him via the VOIP service.


Step 1

Determine whether or not you have to be subscribed to the VOIP service. Many VOIP service providers only allow calls between two subscribed members. If the person has been assigned a telephone number, you it is a good indicator that you can contact him without being a subscriber.

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You can find out whether or not you must be a subscriber by asking the individual you desire to call. You can also visit the website of the VOIP provider if you know the name of the provider the person is using.


Step 2

Create a new account with the VOIP provider if it has been determined that you need an account to use the services. You can create a new account by visiting the VOIP provider's website and clicking on the "New User" or "Register" link. The exact wording will vary.

Step 3

Log into your VOIP account and enter the name or number of the person you would like to call. This will be a unique username or number that the person is using with the VOIP service provider.



Step 4

Press the "Call," "Send," or "Dial" option. The exact wording will vary. Note that some VOIP providers, such as Skype, will require you to be added as a "Contact" or "Buddy" before you can call the person.

Step 5

Begin talking through your microphone-enabled headset when the person answers the VOIP call. For subscriber-to-subscriber calls, the person you are calling must be logged into his VOIP account in order to receive your call.




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