How to Call a Smart Roaming Number

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Smart is one of the two mobile communication networks in the Philippines that offer roaming services for its subscribers. The other one is Globe. Owned and operated by Smart Communications, the Smart mobile network provides users with roaming services regardless of whether they are prepaid or post-paid subscribers. When calling a person outside the country with activated roaming service, the process is generally the same as calling any other person in the Philippines.


Step 1

Dial the number of the person you intend to call. If the number is already stored in your phonebook, simply look for the name of the person and select the mobile phone number.

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Step 2

Confirm the number to call, then press the "Call" button in your mobile phone.


Step 3

Wait for the call to connect to your call recipient. This might take a few seconds later than when calling a mobile phone within the Philippines because an international connection requires Smart to use a roaming partner in the country where the call recipient is located. Once the call is connected, you will hear the standard ringing sound. Wait for the call recipient to answer the call.





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