How Can You Connect a Verizon Phone to a MetroPCS Service?

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MetroPCS is a popular code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile provider, known for its low cost unlimited talk plans. Although MetroPCS is not available nationally, it has taken some of the customer based from larger companies like Verizon Wireless. If you have a Verizon phone and would like to switch, MetroPCS will flash your cell phone for you for a small fee.


Step 1

Verify that your Verizon phone is compatible with MetroPCS. (See Reference 1)

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Step 2

Locate a MetroPCS store near you that performs MetroFLASH services for its customers.

Step 3

Take your Verizon phone into the MetroPCS store. Explain to the customer service representative that you want to activate your Verizon phone to the MetroPCS network.



Step 4

Pay the forty dollar fee plus any applicable taxes for the MetroFLASH services. Pay any fees associated with activating your Verizon phone on the MetroPCS network.

Step 5

Contact Verizon Wireless to cancel your service contract with them.

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