How to Unlock a Cricket Phone for Verizon

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Cricket Wireless and Verizon Wireless both offer phones that use SIM cards. These types of phones are by far the easiest to unlock because they only require a subsidy unlock code entered at the proper time. Unlocking removes the network usage restrictions installed by the company that issued the phone. Cricket will give you the subsidy unlock code for free if you call its customer support department.


Step 1

Type *#06# on the Cricket phone to display the IMEI number that is required by Cricket to generate the unlock code. The IMEI is also printed on the sticker under the battery.

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Step 2

Dial *611 to call Cricket's customer service department. Request the subsidy unlock code for your phone.


Step 3

Request specific instructions on how to enter the code. Each brand has a different process for entering the code. Some require you to insert a SIM card from a different company and others require a special sequence of numbers preceding the code to work.


Step 4

Follow the instructions given to you by the customer service representative to unlock the phone. The Cricket phone is now unlocked and may be used with Verizon or any other network that uses SIM cards.




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