How to Flash a U.S. Cellular to Cricket

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If you no longer like your network, flash your phone to Cricket.

Just like U.S. Cellular, Cricket offers prepaid plans. It may be time for a switch if you no longer like U.S. Cellular's plan, coverage or prices. You can take your cell phone to a Cricket store to have it flashed. Unfortunately, Cricket does not offer this service over the telephone or at its corporate stores. Instead, you'll need to find a Cricket in-store dealer near you.


Step 1

Back up information on your phone. Use a SIM card or your phone's backup software. You could risk losing your data during the flashing process.

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Step 2

Find a Cricket store near you.

Step 3

Bring your phone with you to the Cricket store. Ask the associate if your phone is compatible with the network. Explain that you would like to have it flashed to Cricket.


Step 4

Choose a prepaid plan that fits your needs and budget. Have the associate activate your phone to the Cricket network. Pay for any fees associated with flashing and activating your phone.


Step 5

Restore saved information on your phone. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Alternatively, you could insert the SIM card back in its slot.

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