Can I Use MagicJack With Wi-Fi?

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If you want a way to call friends and family across the globe on the cheap, MagicJack can be a good investment, says the website You can use MagicJack on Wi-Fi-enabled computers that are connected to broadband Internet.


MagicJack is a USB device for your computer that effectively turns your machine into a phone that can call numbers all over the world via the Internet. This may be accomplished by using your computer with a headset and the MagicJack device, or using your computer and a traditional telephone handset connected to the MagicJack device. MagicJack charges a yearly subscription fee that provides free calling in a variety of countries. For countries not covered by the base subscription fee, MagicJack offers discounted per-minute calling rates.


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Wi-Fi Support

MagicJack may be used with a computer that has a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi network must be linked to a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or cable. Once a computer is connected to the Internet, the MagicJack software interface appears and a user may dial the number of his choice. This phone number may be a landline telephone, a cellphone or even another MagicJack device, since MagicJacks come with a unique phone number.


Internet Considerations

MagicJack will not work with dial-up and satellite Internet connections. The company's website also states that Internet connections must have a minimum upload speed of 128 kilobytes a second.



Other Considerations

Users of the MagicJack should keep in mind that the device is totally dependent on the integrity of your Internet connection. If the connection hiccups or cuts out entirely during a call, the call will end and you will have to redial.




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