How Do I Set Up My Tracfone Email?

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Set up your tracefone email

Tracfone is a company that provides pay-as-you-go cell phones. You can buy the phones and cards for minutes at discount and department stores. You may prefer this type of cell phone because you can only purchase the number of minutes that you are going to use, and as long as you continue to recharge your phone minutes, you can keep their number indefinitely. Just like any other phone, you can have a Tracfone email so you can send pictures, files, or messages to others.


Step 1

Go into your phone's settings.

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Step 2

Choose "Phone Settings" or "My Settings"

Step 3

Choose "Email Settings" if that setting exists. If you don't see it, your particular type of Tracfone doesn't have email capabilities and you'll need to upgrade to use the email.

Step 4

Click "My Email Settings"


Step 5

Click "Email Address"

Step 6

Input the address you would like, if there isn't one there. If there is an email address there, you must use it. Some Tracfones will have an address you must use, and some will only have a partial address, like

Step 7

Click "Set" to set your email address.


This is the email address you can input into things like Facebook or Twitter, or other online accounts that require the email address of your cell phone to work. It is also the email address that appear in the "from" section when someone gets an email from your phone. People can also send emails to that address, which you can check on your phone.